How To Adjust An Oscillating Sprinkler? Quick Tips

by Mark Joseph
how to adjust an oscillating sprinkler

The oscillating sprinkler is an effective and best type of portable water distributor for any lawn or garden. Usually, this tool has an arm that has several holes to sprinkle water in a rectangular path. So, it is not only supple enough water for your plant but also save your valuable time. It can move from one side to another slowly.

However, you can attach it to the garden hose and adjust the water flow from its adjustment rings. But without proper knowledge , you can not adjust your oscillating sprinkler properly. As a beginner, let’s learn how to adjust the oscillating sprinkler properly.

How To Adjust An Oscillating Sprinkler?

Adjusting an oscillating sprinkler is not a hard job, but for the first time user, a guide will be beneficial. So, I will tell you how to adjust an oscillating sprinkler quickly.

Step 1: Add oscillating sprinkler to a hosepipe

There is a connector to adjust the oscillating sprinkler to a hose. You will find it on the right side of the tool. However, there is a knob that helps you to adjust the pattern of water spray. Mainly there are two types of this machine, such as single dial and dual rings.

Step 2: Adjust the water flow area for single-dial sprinkler

You can adjust the water flow of a single dial sprinkler effortlessly. At first, connect the hose with the sprinkler. Now you have to turn the dial to the right side. It is for water the ground on the right side of your sprinkler. To water the left side, turn the dial to the left. When you turn the dial to the center of the oscillating sprinkler to minimize the water follow area from it. However, rotate the round dial to minimize or maximize the distance on the two sides of the tool.

Step 3: Adjusting water flow area for dual dial sprinkler

For a dual dial tool, you should turn the nearest adjustment ring in the right direction to increase water flow on the positive side of the machine. When you turn the ring to the negative direction, the water flow will be decreased. On the other hand, turn the farthest ring to the positive side to increase the distance of water flow from the machine. And adjust it to the negative direction to decrease the water flow of the left side.

How to solve any problems with an oscillating sprinkler

An oscillating sprinkler is the best solution for quick and easy watering of your lawn. Though this tool has a simple mechanism, you may face some problems after some days using it. But you can quickly solve the problems. Now I am providing you the tips to resolve the unwanted issues of the oscillating sprinkler.

Problems with a water hose

When your sprinkler stops working or does not provide the best work, you should check the water hose area of the tool. If your machine is coughing and bring limited water, the problem may be simple. Air enters the hose for a crimped line. To solve this problem, disconnect the water hose form the sprinkler. Then straighten your hose line to make the built-in air go out. If any area of the hose pipe gets weak, try to replace it. Besides, check the connection area of the hose and sprinkler. If you find any small problem, try to resolve it. Then, install the hose pipe to it.

Water pressure problem

Your machine can provide high or low water pressure. It can cause due to the design and model and force of water. When you see that the water pressure is too low, you can quickly solve the problem. Solve the crimps in the waterline. Then turn the ring to the right side to increase the water flow. Now notice the sprinkler motion. If you see that the machine is working correctly, it’s okay. But if it is not working efficiently, you need to change your model.

If you face high water pressure, it is for the model of your tool. To solve this problem, try to adjust the pressure with the faucet.


You see that it is straightforward to adjust an oscillating sprinkler. If you properly take care of your machine, you can use it for a long time. After every time use, clean the tool with a cloth to remove all the obstructions such as grass, soil, gravel, etc. It is better to water your lawn early in the morning because it does not waste more water due to evaporation. While cleaning the machine, avoid unnecessary rubbing. As the technology of this tool is secure and small, you can efficiently operate and take care of it.

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