Best Oscillating Sprinkler Reviews In 2021

by Mark Joseph
best oscillating sprinklers

We are guessing you are looking for the best oscillating sprinkler for low water pressure, that is why you are here. Many types of sprinklers are available in the market at a different price point, and it’s tough to find a perfect one. That is why we did this review article for our fellow gardeners and homeowners.

Watering few plants are not that tough, but when it comes to water 40+ ft areas or so, then its matter to think. Usually, ordinary sprinklers are spiked in the ground, and water frequently is a standard option. But oscillating sprinklers give some other level of satisfaction and usability. It can spray water length or width-wise and also reusable or resettable several spaces without much hassle.

So, you can say oscillating sprinklers are versatile and perfect for the different sizes of space. You don’t need to mess with digging the ground and set it up. It’s handy, durable, and very affordable also.

What is Oscillating Sprinkler?

Four types of the sprinkler are available in the market. Among them, oscillating sprinklers is a versatile one for watering plants. It’s commonly used in the mini nursery, garden, greenhouse, lawns, and yards by gardeners or homeowners.  The work procedure of this simple, it usually lying on the ground by its more substantial base move and spray water. It includes 10 to 50 nozzles. It shoots water from a fan-shaped spray from a tube. The tubes are joining by a metal arm and oscillate from side to side and spray water.

Usually, an oscillating sprinkler could cover the 30×20 ft area. This size could be less or more depending on the size and capacity of the sprinkler. It’s portable, easy to use, set so you can use it in a different place of your yard without setting multiple sprinklers on the yard.

Top 6 Best Oscillating Sprinklers

We set out 6 different types of oscillating sprinklers to do an epic review after a few weeks of research. So, you can select the right sprinkler for your garden. Read it to learn more.

#1 Melnor XT4110 995158 XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Melnor XT4110

First oscillating sprinkler review is for Melnor XT4110 995158 XT Turbo. This one is good for covering a large area. If you have 6000 sq. Ft garden, you can include the area placing 2 of this within 15 min max. Melnor XT4110 995158 XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler has twenty nozzles to water regularly an area. Usually, most of the sprinkler includes 16 nozzles. So, it could cover more than 4200 area at a time.

Additionally, the sprinkler has a tab to control the range and watering pattern according to the user’s preference. Its twin touch adjuster controls the width based on the size of the garden. You could control it two ways, low to high flow so you can water a space depending on the condition of plants.

Another interesting side of Melnor XT4110 995158 XT oscillating sprinkler is it has a built-in timer to stop watering. So, even if you on the sprinkler but forget to off, it will automatically turn off. There is a clock with 15 to 120 min of settings to choose from. So, you don’t need any worry to stop watering if you forget.

Furthermore, Melnor XT4110 995158 XT Turbo is very durable plus powerful motor works to supply constant flow as long as the sprinkler is working. This best oscillating lawn sprinkler equipped with a turbo drive motor. It runs pretty smoothly without occur any damages.

Melnor XT turbo sprinkler has four different models on this sprinkle. You get 1, 2, 3 adjustment, and two-way adjustments with a built-in timer. We tested the 2-way adjustments with a built-in timer one. This one is a little pricy than the other three. It’s also lightweight and easy to set or store in any congested place.

  • Good to coverage for mid to large area.
  • Turn off watering within two hours automatically.
  • Easy to set up and control.
  • Comes with warranty.
  • Long durable product.
  • The price is a little bit high.

This lawn sprinkler is durable and made for making your lawn or yard more green and beautiful. So, it is perfect for any place with normal water.

#2 GARDENA ZoomMaxx Oscillating Sprinkler on Weighted Sled Base

best oscillating lawn sprinkler

If you are looking for a good-quality sprinkler for a small area of the garden, you should go into Gardena ZoomMaxx sprinkler. The base of the sprinkler is pretty massive and different from other types of sprinklers available in the market. It’s a little expensive but very worthy for every penny.

The broad sled base of the sprinkler assures more stability that you may not find on others. Infect the total weight of the sprinkler is quite heavy, 4 pounds. That sometimes moves unease, but it would do. However, it has a sealed turbo gear-driven unit to keep the water flow flawlessly.

Gardena ZoomMaxx sprinkler is a small size sprinkler with 1.5 by 11 inches size. This one can easily cover a 76 sq. ft to 2300 sq. Ft area at a time. It also comes with fully adjustable controls for width, length, and water pressure or flow. Moreover, you can fix the length from 10-60 ft. and width from 10-40 ft.

This sprinkler comes with some flexible rubber nozzles to distribute water evenly. These 16 nozzles are clog-resistant and very high in quality. Infect, you can connect the sprinkler with another one to get more coverage but get the same flow. Just add a “Y” connector and set the hose with two sprinklers.

Any water faucet is suitable for this sprinkler, but you are planning it using the rain barrel, then that would be a problem. Many gardeners store rainwater in a barrel and use it later for various purposes. The pressure of this type of barren is low than water taps. So, it’s better to use it with your regular garden taps.

  • Good for the small size of the garden/yard.
  • Clog-free rubber nozzles.
  • Big sled base for stability.
  • Includes turbo gear driven unit.
  • Offers adjustability for length, width, water flow area coverage.
  • Pricy sprinkler.
  • Little heavy than others.

Over the extra price, this best oscillating sled sprinkler is good for small space to cover up. So, any gardener or homeowner who needs sprinklers for their yard/lawn can have it.

#3 Aqua Joe SJI-OMS16 Indestructible Metal Base Oscillating Sprinkler

best garden oscillating sprinkler

Aqua Joe SJI-OMS16 Indestructible Metal Base oscillating sprinkler is an excellent sprinkler for watering any small to the mid-size garden. It’s a heavy-duty sprinkler with a metal base that waters an area with a smooth flow. It does not waste water or overspray. Just give a balanced flow even in low water pressure.

Aqua Joe SJI-OMS16 sprinkler control width and range with 16 clog-resistant rubber nozzles. These are capable of covering up to 3600 sq. ft area at a time. The sprinkler is sealed and has a turbo gear driven unit. These give the sprinkler the ability to perform for a long time without giving you any trouble. The good thing is the base of the product is made with solid metal, which added more stability to place in one place and, of course, longevity.

This sprinkler has a well-made connector which suitable for tightly join a pipe hose. Also, the connection part is leak-resistant and very simple to enter a pipe. All you need is to place the sprinkler in a suitable place, connect a long hose with the sprinkler, and tap and turn on for few times.

You can adjust the oscillating according to your needs. Especially when you have a garden with vegetable seed, and they are about to seedling. Place the sprinkler against the building and water away from the building a unique space.

This best garden oscillating sprinkler is only 15.9” by 5.2” in height and weighs 1.59 lbs. Like other quality products, this one also comes with a warranty of 24 months. You can change or ask for repairing service if anything goes wrong at this time.

  • The base is beautiful, sturdy, and made of heavy metal.
  • Works well with low water pressure.
  • The large wheel for secure hose connection.
  • Has a simple switch to control the flow.
  • Comes with 2+ of warranty.
  • The screw with a plastic needle to clean the sprinkler not that effective.

The sprinkler is pretty simple and effective for daily gardening. You might want a tool that water every day without giving you any tension clogging or low water pressure.

#4 Melnor XT Metal Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler; 3600 sq. ft.

best metal oscillating sprinkler

Here is another Melnor oscillating sprinkler for medium to the big size of the lawn. This sprinkler could cover-up approximately 3600 square ft. Area of a garden, lawn, or play yard. The good side about the sprinkler is, it can water very gently so, if you have just planted baby plants of seeds on your garden, then this one will be great to have.

Melnor XT Metal Turbo oscillating sprinkler is only 6.7×18.7×3.1 inches in size and weighs 1.26 pounds. So, you can easily move this sprinkler. Also, it’s made of durable metal construction. It’s 18 brass nozzles which equally sprinkle water all round of the year.

The sprinkler includes a simple controller that lets you adjust the watering area. You can change it in two ways, like one with a pressure valve and the other with a yellow clip in the middle. It’s effortless, and anyone could do it, even your child. So you can use either water at high speed or in low according to your choice.

The construction of the sprinkler is pretty impressive; it’s solidly built and rustproof. So, you can leave the sprinkler in the garden in any season. But you don’t need it in winter at the snowing season or any other time. It’s better to keep it in a safe palace.

This sprinkler is good at service, but that does not mean it’s free from clog or stacking. Especially if the water of your area is hard or contains high alkane, then the chances of clogging will increase more. So, we would suggest that, to pour some CLR into the mechanism and soak the orifices for at least two hours. After rinsing the tools thoroughly, use it again in the same manner.

  • Offers maximum coverage on the large lawn like 3600 sq.ft.
  • Adjusting the watering easy very easy.
  • Offers even watering without much problem of clogging or low pressure.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Some user complains it as less durable product.

It’s a good sprinkler for mid-size gardens to water. And the price is reasonable so that anyone could afford it.

#5 Orbit 56281 Metal Base Oscillating Sprinkler

Orbit 56281

The Orbit 56281 Oscillating Sprinkler is a heavy-duty sprinkler and easy to use. It has simple slide pattern tabs to lower or higher the water flow. So the spray distance adjustment helps you with how much cover an area or not. The sprinkler is equipped with a noise-free gear drive motor and precise flow metal nozzles. These two help the sprinkler distribute the water evenly, infect better than those cheap Walmart sprinklers.

The sprinkler is also broad and pretty solid in design. So, re-positioning with it is very easy. Also, we like it’s no tipping feature. However, you can only adjust it by width, not by length. It’s pretty heavy, 2.8 pounds. The construction seems pretty reliable and durable. However, if it would be adequately maintained, you could use it for a few years without many tensions.

Orbit 56281 oscillating sprinkler has 17 precise flow metal nozzles, including custom pattern dial. The great thing about the sprinkler is its more stable while working than others. It’s full; zinc base design keeps the body in place and prevents from moving or flipping over.

Connecting and using the sprinkler is pretty straightforward — all you need to select a place where you can place it closer to the tap. Then join one side of the watering pipe with tap and another part with the sprinkler. Now turn on the valve and see the magic. To get different sizes like 3600 sq. Ft. or, 3800 sq. Ft., you can see this sprinkler too.

  • Very easy to set up.
  • Excellent motion adjustments.
  • Feels solid and well-built.
  • Has ten years of warranty service.
  • Good customer service.
  • Some user complaint it has stopped oscillating.

Pretty decent sprinkler for watering gardens in summer or winter. Plus the price is reasonable.

#6 Green Thumb 4200MGT Green Thumb Heavy Duty Metal Oscillating Sprinkler

best oscillating water sprinkler

Last but not least. Here is another effective oscillating sprinkler for any well-organized lawn. The Green thumb 4200MGT heavy-duty sprinkler is a simple, effortless sprinkler for any user. This item can cover more than 3900 sq. ft area within a very short moment.

The water pressure of the sprinkler has two different options. The turbo drive motor of it is very durable and works efficiently to give its maximum flow. It has 18 rubber nozzles to sprinkle water here and there of an area. The engineering of the design of the sprinkler has the ability to keep the water flow running without clogging.

If the water of your space is mostly clean, then the possibility is, you will get flawless service from it. Usually, the nozzles of Green Thumb are clog-proof. Because it has a filter inside, which traps most of the dirt and heavy alkane and supply freshwater?

Green thumb 4200MGT sprinkler is made in twain, and dimension is 18.7×4.1×7.7 and weighs only 2 pounds. It has a hose connector, and the base of the sprinkler is made of brass and aluminum metal, but the rest of the part is made of plastic, even the controller button. That is why it’s more flimsy and prone to break.

The right side of the sprinkler is it has the fully adjustable range or throw and width of dispersion. Also, the sprinkler is hefty enough to keep in any place and cover the whole garden. But if you have a square garden, keep it in the middle of the range of tap close enough.

  • Easy and straightforward installation process.
  • Offers the right amount of area.
  • Comes with the turbo drive motor.
  • Don’t clog easily.
  • No hassle of rust affecting.
  • The adjuster is made of plastic.
  • Pricy product.

Green thumb 4200MGT heavy-duty sprinkler is good to cover a large area within a few minutes. The price is a little high, though, but still worth to try.

Think These Factors Before Buying an Oscillating Sprinkler?

So, if you want to start gardening, you must have a sprinkler system. There are some factors that you could count before buying the oscillating sprinklers. Such as,

Area Coverage

The area you are going to set the sprinkler needs to consider first. The size of the area and sprinkler where you would set up depends on how well the sprinkler can water an area. However, we would suggest you go for a small size sprinkler for square or rectangular lawns or gardens. For the larger area, you can either move the sprinkler time to time or add multiple sprinklers. Each of them should cover the minimum 20-30 ft.

Spray Range

The spring range of an oscillating sprinkler is mostly depended on the quantity of the holes on it. The more nozzles it has, the better coverage it will provide. The ideal holes number, in that case, would be 16-18. If you want to save water, then select a sprinkler with few holes.

Additionally, look for a controller on your sprinkler that controls the water flow. It will help you to water an area according to your needs and preference. If there is no controller on it, just plug and play then try to test how far the water flow could go. There is no point to water your neighbor’s lawn with an extreme range of sprinkler.

Ease of Usage

Go for a model that has a less complicated operation. Your oscillation sprinkler should easy to set up and ease at use. Some sprinkler comes with an auto timer for hassle-free watering. This is also a nice feature for regular watering.


Durability is a total blind option here because even with investing in a branded high-quality product, your sprinkler could die or malfunction within a short time. That could affect lousy water, harsh weather, or anything. Go for a sprinkler that withstands extreme weather conditions. Also, getting a clog-resistant sprinkler is always a good option.

Furthermore, oscillating sprinkler with more metal frame or base is a good thing for the last many years. Many best metal oscillating sprinklers are made of cast iron or aluminum full or by some parts. These are better than full plastic sprinklers.


At some point, you need to take care of your sprinkler like any other tool. But the high-quality product needs less support then use. Look for a sprinkler that is easy to make a part and also soakable in the chemical solution to get rid of iron or any types of grimes.


The price range or budget is not that high on the oscillating sprinkler. You will get an excellent product in 10-50 dollars that fit your needs. But don’t let the price go over the quality. If you need to spend a few extra bucks from your budget for a good quality item, then don hesitate.


Maximum sprinklers come with some guarantee. But don’t be happy with a hearing warranty, read all the conditions that the company mentioned. The warranty should cover the replacement of the product with free shipping if anything goes wrong.

Final Words

After long researching, I think that Melnor XT4110 995158 XT Turbo is the best oscillating sprinklers. It’s a sprinkler with a metal base and even water flow. If the water flow is low, there will no change in the watering performance if you have this one. Any gardeners who use to water plants should consider having this one. Plus, it’s good for watering lawns to keep them green and healthy.

On the other hand, for a smaller lawn or garden, GARDENA ZoomMaxx Oscillating Sprinkler is also good for you. The other oscillating sprinkler reviews in here from a different brand, size, and capacities are also great for flower, vegetable gardens, or greenhouse. Read the features, compare them to each other, and see what quality of oscillating sprinkler suits your requirements most.

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